IT Services

IT services can make or break any company in the medical industry. Information technology acts like the underlying the skeleton of your business. Everything you do relies upon the support of strong, secure, efficient IT systems. Whether you’re a physician’s office, a veterinary practice, or any other medical service industry we have you covered.

We understand that a disaster like a server crash or downed phone lines affects real people that your company serves. Let us maintain your healthy bones while you focus on the brain, the heart, and the muscle of your company.

Your IT Needs, All in One Place

This list represents just a sample of the services we can tailor to your needs:

  • Server support and monitoring
  • Award-winning digital phone systems
  • Support for all desktops and laptops
  • Remote maintenance and repairs
  • Onsite installations of replacement PCs and free recycling
  • Backup monitoring to ensure accuracy
  • Management of your other IT vendors
  • Firewall protection
  • Anti-virus products and immediate notification of infection
  • Content filtering, tailored to user needs within your company
  • Hybrid backup solutions
  • Digital X-ray consultation, management, and support
HIPAA compliant IT services

HIPAA Compliant

In the healthcare industry, protecting client privacy and adhering to laws is paramount. As more patient records go electronic, the issue becomes increasingly complex. HIPAA compliance for vets is just as important as for primary care physicians, and anyone else in the medical field.

We have built our IT business with HIPAA security in mind. As the IT service provider for numerous medical practices including hospitals, dentists, nursing and rehab facilities, ambulance services, primary care physicians, veterinarians, and more, we bring you expert experience.

We can provide you with HIPAA security management, weekly HIPAA protection reports and preparation for HIPAA audits.