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December 6, 2018
Employee Holiday Party

The holiday season is upon us again, which means the inevitable office party will be here before you know it. The “White Elephant” style of gift giving that is popular at these events can often induce panic to employees, but don’t worry. This list will help cover the stressful stuff, so all you have to do sit back and enjoy the holiday cheer.

Make Sure You Stick To The Budget

The budgets for holiday party gifts usually range from $10-$20. It’s important not to go too low (and appear cheap), but it’s just as important not to go over the budget. Giving an overly expensive gift is potentially alienating and may be viewed as obnoxious. Play it safe and try one of these options.

Gifts That Can Be Used In The Office

Thoughtful gifts that can be used to decorate a cubicle space are often popular and are likely to stay in budget. Consider a miniature Zen garden, magnetic decision maker or this handy desk vacuum. If your office is doing “Secret Santa” instead of “White Elephant,” and you know who your present recipient will be, consider a personalized gift; such as a desk name plate, pen set or coffee mug. If gift cards are your thing, you could personalize it by choosing a gift card to a favorite lunchtime restaurant.


Let’s be honest, coffee is usually pretty popular in most office settings. You can’t go wrong with a limited edition seasonal roast, coffee tumbler or even a Starbucks gift card.

Gift Baskets

Pre-made gift baskets tend to be pricey, but you can keep costs down by putting one together yourself. Personalize it with a coworker’s favorite things if you know your recipient. If not, try to choose universally popular items. A traditional basket could include tasty treats like gourmet popcorn, beef jerky, candy, hot cocoa mix or cookies. Baskets filled with movie theatre tickets, candy and popcorn are also a fun twist on the traditional basket.


A nice, but economically priced, bottle of wine or bourbon is always a party hit. For a festive approach you could gift someone a seasonal beer or hard cider. Just make sure this gift is appropriate to your office setting.

We hope you have a great holiday office party and an even better holiday with your family!

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